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The following articles from research done by Mark Conyers and Mark Whitten make for interesting reading.

Liming and Lime materials- Conyers
Journal of Agriculture- Whitten

This photograph was sent to us by some farmers who couldn’t quite believe how well the dolomite had moved through the soil profile in comparison to the limesand


IMG_1706 copy


Click the icon below to view test results which clearly show the changes after a single application of  500kg/ha dolomite.  The dolomite was applied after the first test in 1999 and the paddock was re-tested the following year in 2000 and and again 2002.  Note the increase in the levels of both calcium and magnesium and the available phosphate and manganese.  Dolomite has been very successful in eliminating aluminium toxicity issues.



Click the icon below to view data showing the results of  a trial run by the Mingenew-Irwin Group comparing Limesand and Watheroo Dolomite on soils that showed a requirement for dolomite on a comprehensive soil test.

Watheroo Pit

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