A large number of farmers ask us about soil testing.  We encourage all of you to comprehensively soil test so that you develop an intimate understanding of your soil, your greatest asset.  There are a number of laboratories that will provide a comprehensive analysis but some of the larger and more well known ones will only provide this service if it is requested.  It does cost a little more, but in the scheme of farming expenses and what you get back from it, we believe it is money well spent.
The following is a list of the contacts we have found who will provide comprehensive analysis.  Some provide just a laboratory report, others provide recommendations, others offer a full agronomy service with the option of ongoing support throughout the season.  It’s up to you to decide what suits your needs best.   This list is by no means comprehensive,  if you have others we could add, please let us know.
  • Hans Schoof, Grenache Nominees  (08) 9388 2094, Mobile: 0428 954 351
  • Simon Teakle, Full Flag Agronomics, Mobile: 0429 088 810, Ph/Fax: 9938 3225
  • Adriaan De Waal, (08) 9671 1981, Mobile: 0427 711 980
  • APAL Laboratory,  (08) 8332 0199
  • John Partridge, Priory Park Agronomy, Mobile: 0419 010 105
  • Mark Ladny, Ravensdown/Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Mobile: 0428 882 832
  • CSBP laboratory, (08) 9434 4600

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