Watheroo Dolomite has been testing according to the Lime WA Inc testing protocols since the inception of the Code of Practice.  From the tests conducted over the past 18 years, it is clear that Watheroo Dolomite is consistently of the highest quality, with minimal variations in the product. Click on the links from the DOLOMITE tab above to view  historical test results.

Testing occurs at the beginning of each season in January or February and is then dependent upon tonnages sold.  Another test is usually done in May, towards the end of the season.  This provides a result for the stockpile of product that we utilise until the following crushing season.  Being a Code of Practice pit means that our product is Audit tested during the season by the Department of Agriculture as well.  This Audit testing now occurs annually in the Lime WA Inc pits, that demonstrate they are compliant with the self testing requirements.

Watheroo Pit

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