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Lime WA Incorporated is an industry body with members from across the state, representing over 80% of the liming products sold into agriculture in WA each year.  Producers of Limesand, Dolomites and Limestones, these members have committed to follow a voluntary Code of Practice which specifies testing procedures, pit operation, reporting layouts and holds members accountable for the information they provide to their customers.  By using products from Lime WA members, growers are able to compare products accurately as the testing is all done using exactly the same methods in the same laboratory and reported in a set format. All test results go directly from the laboratory to a administration officer who holds them on record and sends a copy to the producer.  These results are then uploaded to the newly updated Lime WA Inc website, providing a central database of information for farmers to utilise when they are researching their options.   As a testament to the benefits of the Code of Practice and the work done by the members to develop this, some non-members continue to copy the format of the Lime WA Inc tests.

Code of Practice Members who comply with the self testing requirements are now annually Audit tested by the Department of Agriculture and the results of these tests allow the Association and the members to ensure that the tests they are conducting are in line with expectations.

Make sure that you ask YOUR advisor or carrier to ensure you get your lime from a CURRENT member of Lime WA Inc. The more growers insist that their liming products come from Accredited Pits, the stronger the data and the Association.  It also eliminates the need for paddock testing by farmers and grower groups, an unnecessary additional cost. 

A Lime WA Inc specification sheet looks just like the ones on our ANALYSIS page – follow the tabs under the DOLOMITE page to have a look.

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