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Watheroo Dolomite supplies the highest grade, crushed and screened dolomitic lime into the agricultural, horticultural, viticultural, livestock and home garden markets in Western Australia.  Watheroo Dolomitic Lime has been operational for the past 18 years, conveniently located north of Moora and just south of Watheroo, on the Midlands Road.   A need for dolomite at close quarters saw the initial foray into crushing and screening which over time has grown into a full time family business.  Watheroo Dolomite is operated by farmers who understand the industry and have a passion to encourage others to understand their soils, increasing their production as they improve their land.

We aim to provide a consistently high quality product, backed up by professional and efficient service.  We believe that a farmer’s greatest asset is their soil and actively encourage our clients to develop a thorough understanding of their land.  Comprehensive soil tests are an essential tool in the quest for this knowledge and should be used prior to making decisions regarding fertilisers or liming applications.  We get real satisfaction seeing our dolomite applied, and it resulting in a subsequent increase in production and soil health.

Watheroo Dolomitic Lime have been actively involved in the development of the Lime WA Inc Code of Practice since its inception, with Terri holding the positions of Vice Chair and Chairperson for over 6 years.  The Code of Practice requires all participating pits to test according to set criteria at a selected laboratory.  The results must be reported in a set format as well, allowing growers to accurately compare products and make informed choices based on up-to-date information.  We believe that it is important to self-regulate and provide clear and up-to-date information to the end user.

Watheroo Pit

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Peter Manns - 0428 922 340

Terri Manns - 0418 922 340

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